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We Love bikes, all bikes, from full blown $75k choppers to the shit sitting in your Grandpa's yard.  We feel your bike should be an extension of your personality, but for most people, owning a custom bike seems out of reach. 

What type of bikes do you build?

Technically, most of our bikes are choppers or full customs. As far as the style goes, they are usually a combination of chopper, bobber, café, pro street, or vintage. Most have aspects from anything we think is cool, but most importantly, input from what the customer wants.
What type of bikes do you use as donors?

Anything! Cost and condition are the major factors for us.
Why do you use Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, etc bikes?  Isn't that un-American?

No! We love Harley's, and own them, but hey, they can be fucking expensive! We figure the Japs already got the money when they were purchased new the first time. So we really don't care where the bike was originally made. We use American made parts, when at all possible, and most of the custom parts are made by us. We feel that along with most custom shops, we are giving a bike a green card. It's all about American expression, attitude and ingenuity. If they come in imports they don't leave that way!     
How Much does an Oil Change Cost? 

My engine is sluggish Do you think its the plugs or wires or bad gas ?

Although we will try to help if we can, we are not and do not want to be a service shop.  It is something we don't like to do, nor do we have time for.


Questions and Answers

What We Do 


That's where we come in. Here at Malicious Cycles, we all have "real" full time jobs. We build "real" bikes you can actually ride. We are a very small custom bike and fabrication shop. Our projects and bikes, for the most part, are done after our "real" jobs (for now).

Our bikes all have a personality, as all good hand built bikes do (that's why they all have names). We use recycled, used, sometimes new, modified, hand made, or whatever parts we have laying around. With a little elbow grease, they are usually better (or at least way more kick ass) than you could buy. We build our frames, paint, and powder coat all of our bikes ourselves, in our small town of Virginia, MN.

Most of the time we can build a full custom for under $10,000. We can also build a bike you already have and make it yours, for a lot less. They are all one of a kind. Don't get me wrong if you want a $50,000 Chopper, that your afraid to get bugs on, get in your Hummer or BMW and get down to our shop, we can do it! (That way we can get that CNC plasma cutter we've always wanted.)

All bullshit aside we are looking out for the working guy. A bike should be fun, cool, show part of who you are, and be your favorite way to get from point A to point B. It should not cost as much as a house, be locked in a garage for years on end, or come with a payment plan. Let us help you build the bike your brain wants, at a price the rest of you can stomach!